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A Train of Thoughts

It was yet another day. The same job, the same people, the same to and fro travels, the same household chores...And it was during my cooking frenzy that my mind zoomed out...

‘Onam is nearly here. The last year was really good. Hope this year would be good too...What all should I cook for the Onam feast? OK, we will be going to our native place, so I will not have to cook! [:-D]

Oooh payasam [a dessert made with milk and ghee available in different mouthwatering varieties, a must after an Onam feast or Onasadya]... so tasty...especially Adapradhaman [the king of payasams I should say, made with jaggery, milk, ghee, coconut milk etc.] Hmm...

Grandmother used to make such tasty Adapradhaman..yummy...with rightly prepared ‘Ada’[the main component], the right amount of sweetness, the right ingredients, the right consistency..And the end result would always be...just right...

Sad that I could not ask her how it is prepared now...and she will not be able to stop me before I screw up... she will not be able to guide me in anything as a matter of fact...since, some years back she passed away...

What all stories she used to tell me as a child! She was so thorough in Hindu mythology and always knew the names of the characters in almost all the stories. How did she do that? I mean, I always mix up the names and always end up mixing up the entire story as well...Wonder what I would tell my children and grandchildren...

Yea..And she was ‘the human computer’, with all her children’s and grandchildren’s birthdays/anniversaries/star signs/ important events, stored up in her incredible memory...

Hmm..I could have asked her a lot of things. She was more than 90 years old when she died. The wisdom, the experience and the knowledge of nearly a century...I could have asked her a lot more and she could have told me much more. But alas...all that remains is memories.’

And that is one of the many ironies of life. One would never know the value of anything until they lose them. Now I know that I should treasure every moment and prize every treasure I have- my parents, friends, relatives, well-wishers... Nothing should be taken for granted...nothing is here forever...

I got kind of sentimental there...Did not think this post would turn out to be quite serious...Anyways...


Me too, I thought it was going to a cooking adventure you had. You took to another level altogether. Any special reason for this meditative mood?
Keep writing...:)
Novice Writer said…
Hmm I donno dear..No particular reason...Yes, I will keep writing and you keep visiting:-)
Yes, look around. Savor every moment. No one knows what's around the corner.
Rajni said…
Life really takes you to varous highs and lows. This is best roller coaster made.
Novice Writer said…
@Nothing Profound: My thoughts exactly!
@Rajni: Really, my thoughts take rollercoaster rides all the time..what with the swine flu and everything!:-)
Carol said…
I enjoyed reading about your grandmother. Isn't it amazing how much of an impact people can make in our lives? And we are doing the same for others. It's all so perfectly beautiful.
Novice Writer said…
Carol, yea so true..Perhaps my grandchildren might be thinking about me this way after many many! but it feels weird thinking about it now!
Thanks for stopping by:-)
Hena said…
great dear.but u made me really emotional.missing ammama a lot.she was the real bond which held the family together
Anita said…
Lovely reading dear..very emotional..reminds me too of my grandmom..her stories and her yummy cooking..her special fish curry, avial, chutney..well the list is endless..:)

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