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I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie!

I have been waiting anxiously to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for a long time and was practically counting days for its release. And then that weekend my husband and I set out to the theatre...and found that some other movie was running there! Imagine my disappointment! The stupid newspaper had confused the names of the movies!! And it was too late to go to the other theatre..

Anyway we saw the movie the next weekend... But unfortunately, I found the movie a huge let down :-(

Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
First of all, several main points in the Harry Potter book were left out- like the crucial memories that Dumbledore shows Harry. Voldemort’s past, his parents, his relation to Salazar Slytherin, could all have been added. Of course, knowing a lot more about Lord Voldemort would have been very interesting...

In the book, Dumbledore talks to the Dursleys and gives them good for not treating Harry well. The scene was really funny and would have been nice to have been incorporated.

And the very exciting fight scene at the end, how could they??? BooHooo! In its place so many unnecessary scenes were added. There was actually no need for the Quidditch part (Okay, some of you might want to kill me for saying that), and Harry flirting with the waitress and the Death Eaters attacking the Burrow and too many romance scenes...

Another thing that annoyed me was this dark colour tone throughout the movie..Maybe it was to give the impression of “These are dark times”. But it kind of made the movie all the more dull.

And Ginny:-( Really disappointing...Bonnie Wright, who plays Ginny in the movie, looks as if she has a mask on. My opinion is that someone else could have handled this character much better. Harry and Ginny’s budding romance is not depicted well at all...It was all too mechanical and I felt that somehow it did not give the right effect...The book was so good:-(

Overall, for someone who has not read the book and who does not know all the important happenings, it could turn out to be too boring. That was what my parents said anyway...And I am now sceptical as to how the next movie would turn out...I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am not that keen on watching the next two movies..Hope they would follow the book as much as they could as it could not be perfected anymore...


Haha! To think that you wailed and howled for this! :D
Ok, don't kill me. I haven't watched the movie. Neither do I want to. Especially after reading this. Ginny Weasley is a disappiontment, yes. Yes, I am saying that without watching the movie.
Moral of the story: Don't throw a tantrum the next tiem Harry Potter releases! :D
Sunshine said…
Hello Dear

Thanks for visiting my blog ... Its been a while i havent watch harry porter now seems like i should watch to hear from you soon.

Take Care
Novice Writer said…
DC! You girl! I am gonna kick u! Yes, I howled and wailed..but it is Harry Potter we are talking about! So as fans it is our duty to watch it, even if it is not that good:-(

Hi Sabi, yea watch the movie, but do not expect much!
Umsy said…
Hi!!! Havn't seen a Harry Potter movie recently:))) I understand about how u feel regarding yr granmom...yes we must treasure each moment and make the most of each day.....

Novice Writer said…
It won't be that big a loss if you do not watch it..:-(
BTW thanks for visiting!
bindhiya said…
Dear Novice,
I am not a movie fan... maybe one day :)
Thanks for your kind words... yes, it feels good to be working..
have a great weekend
♥ & ((hugs))
Yes, yes, harry Potter is popular and good to watch. But I'm waiting for your review of Avatar!

Happy trails.
Novice Writer said…
Hi Bindhiya, watch the first four harry potter movies.they are really good..Thanks for visiting.

Thanks for visiting Sureshkumar

Hi Swubird, haven't seen Avatar yet. Thanks for the visit. I will try to add my review soon.. :-)
Bikramjit said…
you had to wait for this one.. hmmm it was indeed very very boring movie.. with all the hype it was given ...

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