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Book Review: Remember Me? By Sophie Kinsella

I was looking for a light read and 'Remember me?' caught my attention immediately. Maybe it was the author's name (I have not read Sophie Kinsella's famous "Shopaholic" series but have heard a lot about them) or the pleasant yellow book cover. Anyway I read the summary on the back cover..and found it interesting. So I bought it (at Rs.214/- after reduction). Soon I started reading it and found myself reaching 'The End' page at top speed! In short, this novel was good (I wouldn't have bothered to write a review if it was bad in the first place).

I found the book to be a really easy read with lots of humour, a bit of sadness, a little about friendship and relationships and a lot about how one copes with a circumstance. And of course there is the romance part. It had a gripping story line with not even a single boring page.

Entirely narrated in the first person, the story is about an average-looking girl called Lexi Smart. She has an unimpressive job a…