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Book Review of 'Venetia' by Georgette Heyer

Georgette Heyer has to her credit about 40 historical romance novels and 12 detective novels. Her historical romance novels are a delight. They are very popular and make for a light read. The specialty of her writing is the presence of humour and hilarity throughout the plot. Moreover, the characters are so alive and energetic that they seem to leap from the pages!

I have read only five of her romance novels- April Lady, Arabella, The Convenient Marriage, The Reluctant Widow and Venetia. I liked them all fairly well but I think there are some basic ingredients in most of her novels- an outspoken and frank heroine, a smart and rich hero, extravagant and naive guys, trouble through gambling, marriages in jeopardy and of course a wonderful romance.

I have also read one of her mystery novels Death in the Stocks which however, disappointed me a great deal. I do not think I would care for another!
Now about ‘Venetia’
Author: Georgette Heyer
Price: Rs. 285/- (I got it online at a discount of 25%…