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Today is Vishu

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Vishu!


Paul Burman said…
A happy and prosperous Vishu to you too. All the very best.
Angel... said…
Thank you and same to you.
Swubird said…
THank you, and I also wish you a very happy Vishu.

I don't too much about Sañtana Dharma, but when I was in college I took a course in comparative religions as an elective. I studied more than I had ever studied anything before. It was like learning a whole new language. Fortunately, we had a very good professor who managed to get us all through the course, but it was rough. I loved it though.

Have a great day.
Paul Burman said…
A bit past now, but all the same: a happy Vishu to you too. I hope you enjoyed any celebrations you participated in.
Paul Burman said…
Sorry, NW. I thought my first comment had disappeared. Seem to be having occasional problems with blogger comment pad. It isn't dementia! Not yet anyway :-)
Novice Writer said…
Oh it is OK, Paul!:-) Thanks for your wishes:-)I had a great time this Vishu..
Thanks Swubird..Wow, it is great to know that you have learnt about Hinduism! I do not know much about it myself, but I love the stories and legends revolving it:-)
Angel, thank you. Hope you had a great Vishu:-)
Angel... said…
Thank you Novice.

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