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Something about Vishu

"When are we going to get our Vishukaineettom??” My cousin brother and I hung about the kitchen where my grandmother, mom and aunts were busy preparing the Vishu sadya (feast). One of my aunts smiled and said “Hey, it isn’t nice to ask for Vishukaineettom...Wait child."

I was a kid then and getting Vishukaineettom was one of the main attractions of Vishu- since the custom involved the elders giving the young ones money:-) It was that part of the year when one got reasonably rich and started thinking of how to spend the money and how not to.
Our favourite "shopping centre" was the small shop near the temple which was open only on special days. (And this year too I got to see the shop. Just see the crowd!)

Another thing that we relished was Vishukkodi- which meant getting a new dress!! Now, don’t you see why everyone loves Vishu??

But Vishu would not be complete without Vishukkani. In fact Vishukkani is the most important ritual of Vishu. It is said that if we see loads …

Today is Vishu

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Vishu!

Aur Aahista by Pankaj Udhas

I am sure everybody knows the story 'The Gift of the Magi' by O.Henry( or read it here). The picturisation of the album song 'Aur Aahista' by Pankaj Udhas is roughly based on this story. It is really lovely and the song is worth listening to, again and again. Hope you would enjoy it too:-)
Featuring: Sameera Reddy (Sorry, I don't know the guy's name)

Aur aahista kijiye baatein, dhadkanein koyi sun raha hoga (2)
Lafz girne na paayein hothon se, waqt ke haath inko chun lenge
Kaan rakhte hain yeh dar-o-deewaar, raaz ki saari baat sun lenge
Aur aahista kijiye baatein
Aise bolo ki dil ka afsana, dil sune aur nigaah dohraaye (2)
Apne chaaron taraf ki yeh duniya, saans ka shor bhi na sun paaye
Na sun paaye (Aur aahista)
Aayiye band kar lein darwaaze, raat sapnein chura na le jaaye (2)
Koi jhonka hawa ka awaara, dil ki baaton ko uda na le jaaye
Na le jaaye (Aur aahista)
Aaj itne kareeb aa jao, dooriyon ka kahin nishaan na rahe (2)
Aise ek doosre mein gum ho jaaye, faasla koyi…