Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Review of Malayalam Movie Nadodikkattu (1987)

Nadodikkattu is another one of my favourite Malayalam movie. This is indeed an all time classic comedy movie.

Movie: Nadodikkattu
Language: Malayalam
Genre: Comedy

Written by: Srinivasan
Director: Sathyan Anthikadu
Cast: Mohanlal, Srinivasan, Shobana, Thilakan, Innocent
Sequels: Pattanapravesham, Akkare Akkare Akkare

Nadodikkattu is the story of Dasan and Vijayan, two simpletons who unknowingly (and knowingly) falls into one mess after another in their struggle to become something in their lives.

Dasan: (Played by Mohanlal) His catchphrase is ‘I am B.Com. First Class!’ He is so proud of being a graduate that he repeats it whenever there is an opportunity. You might think that he has a great job, but alas he is a peon in a private company which pays just enough salary to evade starvation.

Vijayan: (Played by Srinivasan) He is a very funny guy and more idiotic than Dasan. Dasan takes advantage of him a lot- like making him cook, do household chores and constantly reminding him that he is not a graduate. Vijayan is a peon too.

Everything goes reasonably well until one day they lose their jobs! (Ahem... they beat up the new Managing Director by mistake!!)

Cows to the rescue?!
No job, no money, no food! Their landlord feels pity for them and gets them a loan from the bank to buy cows. He convinces them that selling milk was a great business and that it was the secret of his success. He also sells them two cows which he claims would give them 25 litres of milk a day!!

Some Comedy scenes from Nadodikkattu

Dasan and Vijayan are so happy with the prospect that they start dreaming about their prosperous future. Surely they should buy a new car, a new house, TV, refrigerator, VCR, A.C......

But the cows do not give them 25 litres of milk a day. Not even close. Each day the quantity of milk dwindled; so did their hopes and dreams.. The landlord had cheated them. They fall into a sorry state once again. Finally they make a decision- to leave the country.

Dubai Dreams
They soon meet a man named Gafoor who promises to take them to Dubai (illegally) for a certain sum of money. They agree and give him all the savings that they had ever made.

Dasan and Vijayan soon reach Dubai.

So they think! It is not long before they understand that they are nowhere near Dubai but in Tamil Nadu, the neighbouring state of Kerala!!! Oops!!

Mohanlal and Srinivasan have paired up in many movies, but I believe that their performance is at its best in Nadodikkattu. The story is really good; in addition to being a light comedy movie it also touches on various issues that ordinary people face everyday. Throughout the movie there are witty remarks about them which make it all the more interesting. A small example: when somebody asks Dasan and Vijayan why they were late for work, the reply is ‘Ask the Government to supply rice which will get cooked fast!’

Srinivasan (Vijayan in the movie) wrote the story. It is interesting to note that in all his movies he makes his character foolish/ugly/bad!! I don’t know why he does that but that in itself is funny.

No idea how many times I have watched this movie! Totally hilarious! Perhaps I will write about the movie ‘Varavelpu’ next which also has Mohanlal and Srinivasan. It is a comedy movie in many ways but quite sentimental too...

See you soon!!


Shibu said...

I also like this movie very much!!!
Nice review!!!

Arv said...

Another classic from the malayalam world. Unlike the usual tamil version of our neighbourly movies, the tamil version for Nadodikkattu is a decent comedy one.

Key differences:
1. No big stars but good comedy actors, Pandiarajan and S.Ve.Sekar (comedy drama artist too).
2. The only major difference to screenplay, our heroes go from Chennai to Dubai but land up in Cochin.

All around laughter and fun everytime you watch these movies.

Nice post again mate.

Paul Burman said...

The wonders of YouTube! Enjoyed your write-up very much; you make the film sound great fun. Whilst I couldn't understand the dialogue, the actions say a lot and the fight scene has that zany slap-stick look. Thanks.

Novice Writer said...

Arvind, I did not know that there was a Tamil remake..Thanks for the info!! And thanks for the comment:-)

Paul, Great to know that u liked the write-up:-)I searched the Internet for a video with English subtitles but did not find any:-( Sorry about that..

P.S.If someone finds such a video do let me know..Thanks

SBC said...

I saw the movie several times I really liked it very much.The review is Excellent