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Oh my God!! Its an Earthquake!!!!

Well, it happened yesterday night. The time must have been just before 1 a.m. I was slowly drifting off to sleep when suddenly there was a rumbling noise and the bed started shaking! The mirror on the wall rattled and there were sounds of alarms going off in the streets. I jumped up and was absolutely scared stiff. Then it was over. Then I kind of wondered if I had imagined the whole thing…You see, I was half asleep and perhaps I was just having a nightmare!

Hmm… No. It was an earthquake alright. I read today morning that there had been an earthquake of magnitude 5.2 in the Richter scale with the epicentre at Lincolnshire, UK (which is about 150 km from our place). This is supposed to be the largest earthquake to hit Britain since a 5.4 magnitude earthquake in 1984.

Yikes!! An earthquake!! This is the first time I had an earth trembling experience. And I tell you it was scary. Things like this make us think how vulnerable and helpless we are actually. I thank God that I am alive to see another day and sincerely hope that it does not happen again :-( :-(!! (I might be overreacting, but there, I can’t help it!!)


SheR. said…
Hiya! Hope you are feeling better now. Yeah I heard about the earthquake. Take care!
Arv said…
heard about it too... lil surprised though since they are rare in Britain.

I have been in some shakes too and I enjoyed them when they were mild.

take care... talk later...
Novice Writer said…
I am fine, thanks for asking both of you! :-) Just a little 'shaken' thats all :-)
SheR. said…
I slept through a 3 in San Francisco. I heard banging doors and children screaming! But couldn't be bothered till 2 hours later! Haha :P
chica said…
The first earthquake I experienced, I thought it was some really heavy person running down the corridor. In my defense, those houses were really flimsy and would really vibrate with the slightest movement.
KGT said…
Hope u r fine now.I had an experience 7 yrs back,In the morning Ifelt somebody is running over the roof for afew secs&ran out of house.
Paul said…
Didn't know about this until I read this post, so thanks---my brother lives in Lincolnshire, so must ask if he felt it or slept through it. Glad it did no more than disturb your sleep.
Novice Writer said…
Sher, Chica, KGT, Thanks for sharing your earthquake experiences:-)..Paul, Hope your brother is fine..
Swubird said…
Ah-so: A fellow earthquake survivor. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

I live in southern California (earthquake country) to everyone else. Everything I own has a chip in it someplace. The Queen's dishes - smashed. The piano - big gouge in the top from falling ceramic. The list goes on and on.

So, I found your story very interesting. I didn't even know they had earthquakes in good old England.

Have a nice day, and stop by and see me sometime.
Anonymous said…
I remember the one from 2002 as well, that was much more alarming where I used to live!
Novice Writer said…
Pleased to meet you too! Glad that you found my story interesting..Yes, as earthquakes are so uncommon in England it was all the more scarier!! Thanks for stopping by and now I am off to see your blog:-)
Novice Writer said…
which earthquake are you referring to alison? where were you then?
Stella said…
I don't blame you. Earthquakes are very unsettling - even the tiniest tremors can e disorienting. I hope you're feeling better :)
Thank god u r safe!I bet!You must had day dreamed about an adventurous earthquake in your child hood.Haven't u?And must had wondered how it wd feel like.How was the feel of a movie come true?Scared the ....out of u???????? 3 years back v experienced a slight shake in Bahrain.But then v were rather excited to talk around than scared.I know things won't be the same when they come in big scary packages...These r the situations when v really wish to be in our god's own country.

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