Saturday, 5 January 2008

What Agatha Christie fans are saying

I conducted a small poll recently in a community. I asked 100 Agatha Christie fans to choose the best book among the following which does not feature either Hercule Poirot or Jane Marple:

1. Endless Night
2. Crooked House
3. Ordeal by Innocence
4. Sparkling Cyanide
5. Haven't read any
6. Did not like any


1.Endless Night - 16 votes
2. Crooked House- 17 votes
3. Ordeal by Innocence- 19 votes
4. Sparkling Cyanide- 26 votes
5. Haven't read any- 19 votes
6. Did not like any- 3 votes

So Sparkling Cyanide wins with 26 votes!!

It is interesting to note that 19 people haven't read any of the books! They are really missing out! My personal favourite is Crooked House..Other books the voters liked included And then there were none, Pale Horse, Why didn't they ask Evans?, The Man in the Brown Suit, Death comes as the End etc. Hoping to add reviews for some of these books. So stay tuned..

What is your opinion? Do you agree with the results?


Paul said...

Read a number of Agatha Christie books years ago and remember these as always being well told: a good yarn. The fact that they are still a popular basis for films suggests they have an enduring quality, although the language can seem a little dated at times---although this too is part of their charm, I guess.


manu said...

I have never been through any other works which doesnt have Poirot OR Jane but after reading this blog i checked out these and i found my interest in Crooked house.The suspense is alive throughout the story and at the point where we realizes the murderer is still among the family after nanny dies,Agatha christie is at her best describing the situation.For me,this is definitely the best.

Novice Writer said...

Thanks for your comment Manu:-)Crooked House is really a unique and entertaining story..

Novice Writer said...

Agatha Christie has a great way of story telling. All her novels are written in simple language (even thought it is out-dated) engaging the reader completely. I believe that is the reason they still have their appeal. Thanks for your comment, Paul:-)