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The final Harry Potter movie to be split??

There is a rumour going around that the last Harry Potter movie (which is based on the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) would be split into two parts and also that Steven Speilberg would be the director! Read this article which appeared in the Daily Mail.

Harry Potter

I think it would be great(if the news is true that is) to have two movies. There is so much going on in the seventh book that I don't think it would all fit in well in one film. I am sure that all those who have read the book will probably agree with me..


rampantheart said…
Well, sadly, i have not had the time to read the last book in the hp series.I really look forward to reading it atleast in the near future, let alone watch the movie!
But dividing the thing into 2 wont be a very good idea!It takes a long klomg time to make a film and especially in the case of hp where serious money rolls in, i dont think people will make it 2. hmm, let’s see
Novice Writer said…
you should read it ranjini!! it is really good:-) i am a great harry potter fan so wouldnt mind two movies even if it takes a long time:-)
aarveeve9 said…
i ve 2 added ur link to mine..
please visit and post comments in my posts regularly..will do d same 4 u.
Novice Writer said…
Thank u..i will surely pop in once in a while:-)
Josh said…
what I dont like about these things is that they might overwelm people with this,,, just like it may happen with the SAW series... they have in project like 2 more movies (or maybe more)

Im a HP fan too,,, but maybe it could get to be too much for us!! (of course they must be doing this for more money,,, and its not right for us fans to fall for it)

I would watch them :)
Novice Writer said…
that is true..hope they won't drag it simply for financial gain..but don't you think it is sad that it is going to end with the 7th story?:-( well, let us wait and see..Thanks for the comment, Josh
Meghna said…
Hi Writer,
Happy Republic Day to you! I thought you were from United States! LOL!

keep Blogging!

And yeah! About he Harry Potter movie, I'll be glad! The last books has far too many murders so it would be best done in two parts!
Novice Writer said…
Oh no!! I am presently in UK but100% Indian:-))
Finally somebody agrees with me with regards to the Harry Potter movies:-) Thanks for the comment Meghna:-)

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