Friday, 25 January 2008

Book Review: The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie

Book: The Body in the Library
Author: Agatha Christie
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Crime, Who dunnit
Published in 1942 by William Collins Sons & Co. in London, and by Dodd, Mead & Co. in New York
Sleuth: Jane Marple
Official detectives: Inspector Slack, Colonel Melchett
Location: Gossington Hall, St.Mary Mead, England

This was one of the first Agatha Christie novels that I read. I was not then very familiar with her style of writing so was a bit confused because of so many characters. But once I started reading couldn’t put it down until I had finished it!

We can take a look at how the story takes shape, shall we? Read on…

One fine autumn morning Colonel Arthur Bantry and his wife Dolly find something extremely unusual and unpleasant in their library- a woman’s dead body!! That too of a woman whom they had never set their eyes on. (So they say, never trust anyone in a mystery story ;-))

Naturally a lot of questions come up. Who is this girl? How did she get inside the library? How did she get murdered? Why there?? And does Colonel Bantry know the girl?? Has he something to do with the murder? It is a time for gossip in the little village of St.Mary Mead( It is interesting to read how a news spread in a village and how it gradually changes as it passes from one ear to another!!)

Police is informed and the ever energetic Inspector Slack and Colonel Melchett are on the case.
Mrs. Bantry is upset(she is a little bit excited too- the amateur detective in her has materialized) - of course a body in one’s library isn’t something one looks forward to. So she calls in dear Miss Jane Marple.

Miss Marple is an old lady who enjoys every bit of gossip that comes her way. But what makes her different from others is that she is shrewd and could piece together things clearly and logically. She is St.Mary Mead’s own detective and is known to the police for her brilliant sleuthing skills. However for anyone who does not know her consider her simply as a twittering old woman with a nose for gossip.(So you see, people tend to be a lot careless when talking to Miss Marple as they believe her to be quiet harmless!)

So Miss Marple arrives and soon sees the dead body. The young girl had been strangled to death. She was blonde, wore a lot of make-up and was dressed in a cheap evening dress. To Mrs. Bantry she seemed to be ‘unreal’.

Meanwhile the identity of the girl is found out…

And there is yet another murder to follow…

My opinion: Oh it was really good…Highly recommended! :-)
My rating: 5 stars! Excellent