Sunday, 2 December 2007

A visit to the market

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining happily in the clear blue sky. A perfect day for spending outdoors. My husband and I set off to the marketplace, which was at a walking distance from our home.

We were soon enjoying the cool refreshing air outside. Our footsteps echoed across the pavement as we walked slowly towards the market.
We soon reached our destination. I had thought that the market would be deserted but I was proved wrong. The place was actually buzzing with activity!

There were people of all age groups - sweet, fluffy haired elderly women with their shopping trolleys, mothers and their cute babies, naughty little toddlers making their parents’ day frantic and young people doing their bit of shopping.

We made our way through the crowd. The market sold all sorts of things at comparatively cheap prices. There were shops for furniture, electronic items, clothes, jewellery, meat, fish, vegetables etc. Our aim that day was to buy some fish and vegetables. In the fish store the fishmonger waited patiently as we debated as to which fish to buy. After finally making our purchase, we moved to the greengrocer’s shop. This shop was run by Asian people; in fact I noted that there were many Asian shops in the market. After the hustle over cabbages and tomatoes, I pulled my husband towards my favourite shop in the market- the bookshop.

The attractive element of the shop was the affordable price; of course they were second-hand. The elderly man, who owned the shop, was talking to his friend in the next shop and paid no heed to our arrival. I was not in search of any particular book. I browsed around for any book that might be of interest. It would have been difficult if I wanted a particular book because they were not organized properly. Finally I bought Agatha Christie’s ‘The Secret Adversary’.

Our next stop was at a costume jewellery shop. The dazzling earrings, sparkling necklaces, and the colourful bangles had become a magnet for a number of female admirers. The shop assistant, a girl in a blue churidar was busy helping her customers. I fooled around a bit.
We soon got out of the market. The weather was no longer bright and pleasant with the bright sun and clear skies. It had grown dark and the sky looked as though it was swallowed whole by elephantine clouds. Talk about unpredictable weather! We hurried home- feeling pleased with our bargains and refreshed by our day’s little ‘adventure’.


Destiny's child... said...

A very nice and sweet post. I could visualise the two of hopping from shop to shop, having muffled discussions on what to buy n what not to buy. The fish seller's place, the vegetable shop, the quaint lil book store, the jewellery store...just everything...loved it...:)

Novice Writer said...

Thank you dear:-) It felt nice to read this post again..that is the beauty of starting a blog I think..

Rajni said...

I was expecting a perfect Mr. Bean adventure but it was interesting, all the same

Novice Writer said...

Thank God it was not a Mr.Bean adventure!lol!