Sunday, 9 December 2007

Movie Review: Ratatouille

We just saw the movie and absolutely loved it. 'Ratatouille' ( is the story of a Remy the rat with a high sense of smell and taste. Remy is very picky in his food and hates eating garbage. He is a great fan of the famous cook Gusteau. He even tries to cook his own food! Of course his clan does not understand his passion. After a series of accidents he gets separated from his clan and finds himself in the famous restaurant of Gusteau himself!

There he meets Linguini who is a garbage boy. Linguini does not have any talent in cooking. When he accidentally messes up a soup Remy could not stand it and adds his own ingredients to create something lipsmacking! The customers love it. Apparently nobody knows that it is the work of a rat and thinks that Linguini is the mastermind behind the new recipe. With that Linguini becomes the treasure of the restaurant. The story develops with Linguini climbing the ladder of his career entirely with the help of the 'little chef'.

The movie does not have any boring moments and it is interesting from beginning to end. It is definitely a treat. I really felt hungry after seeing all the food!!