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Agatha Christie's 4.50 from Paddington

The Book: 4.50 from Paddington

The author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Mystery, Who dunnit

Published in: 1957 by William Collins Sons & Co. in London, 'What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw!' by Dodd, Mead & Co. in New York.

The Detective: Jane Marple

Sidekick: Lucy Eyelesbarrow

Location: A country house

Price: RRP £6.99. (You can of course get it at a much lower price or read it here...)

The Plot:
It all starts when Mrs. Elspeth McGillicuddy, a short and stout elderly woman, after a day’s Christmas shopping takes the 4.50 train from Paddington. She is so tired that she soon dozes off. After sometime she wakes up and finds another train running side by side. As she shifts her gaze towards the train a blind in one of the carriages goes up. What she sees inside shocks her beyond measure... A man is strangling a woman!
The train passes by. As she stands there wondering what to do the ticket collector comes in. She at once tells him what she saw. But he does not believe her and thinks she had only imagined it. However upon her insistence, he promises to report it as soon as they reach next station.

Mrs. McGillicuddy alights at Brackhampton. Having done her duty of reporting it to the Station Master she proceeds to her destination, St. Mary Mead where her dear old friend Miss Jane Marple lives.

Miss Marple is a fluffy, sweet elderly lady with a sharp and shrewd mind. When she hears Mrs. McGillicuddy’s extraordinary tale she does not hestitate to believe her. She delicately asks all the details. Mrs. McGillicuddy tells her that she could not see the man’s face since he was facing the other way. The woman was young, blond and wearing a fur coat.

Miss Marple reflects that if such a murder has happened, then surely it would be splashed all over the morning papers. But nothing of that sort appears…

They report it to the police. But then no dead body is found and nobody ever reports anyone missing.
Well, after reading this much you should be eager to read more, right? I was! I found this novel very interesting. Most Agatha Christie fans prefer Hercule Poirot but I love Marple's stories as well. Miss Marple is an old lady and does not do much running about but I adore her. In the novel she has an accomplice- an efficient young lady named Lucy Eyelesbarrow. Eventhough Miss Eyelesbarrow became a loved sidekick after this novel she does not appear in any other Agatha Christie novels.
The plot is extraordinary and almost unbelievable. But Agatha Christie has shown her skill in making it acceptable and believable. Even the most complex cases have such a simple solution that after reading it you will feel like kicking yourself!
My rating: 4 stars!! Loved it...

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Rampantheart said...

Nice review,EK!I really loved the review.Well,i have ofcourse heard about Agatha Christie.As a voracious reader, i have read many of her books.I have not read most of hers,though.The plot seems to be interesting and yes,i will try to get in the library or buy it in the near future,and then post a similar review on my blog linking back to urs.:)

I will come back here for more updates.Keep blogging!have fun!:)

Katy said...

Thanks for the link to I've read this one before, but I'm going to read it again now.
I've been reading some nonfiction lately. Will review them on my blog later at