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Eragon- A story of a boy and his dragon

Eragon is an exciting novel which narrates the adventures of a boy and his dragon. Christopher Paolini started writing this novel when he was only fifteen years old.

This is a little something about this interesting novel.

Eragon is an ordinary farm boy. He lives with his cousin Roran and uncle Garrow in a small house ten miles from the village of Carvahall, in the land of Alagaesia. In this land is a range of untamed mountains called the Spine. Everyone dreads to tread in its midst but not Eragon. He knows that strange things happen in the Spine mostly of magical nature but he is not scared. He is familiar with the paths through the woods and went for hunting often. In one such rendezvous he finds something that changes his life forever. It is a beautiful blue stone polished smooth with thin white veins all over. Even though his first instinct is to sell it, circumstances does not allow that to happen. He keeps it safe with him. And one day the stone hatches! Yes, it was not a stone at all! It was a dragon’s egg!

The dragon Saphira becomes his best friend and mentor. Eragon hides her from the rest of the world and looks after her with much care and affection. That was the beginning of a bond which was meant to be forever. Her growth is tremendous. He could no longer hide her. Soon he realises with great amazement that he could read her mind and vice versa. Everything about Saphira scares him. His mind is muddled with a lot of questions that desperately needs answers.

Only one person could help him. It is Brom, the storyteller of Carvahall who knows all about the dragon folklores. Brom enlightens him that the dragons were indeed magical creatures. The dragon riders, he explained, came into existence thousands of years ago as a result of a peace treatise between the elves and the dragons. The dragon riders were gifted with a number of amazing powers as well, such as a long life span and keen senses. The dragons, along with their dragon riders were destined to protect and help the people of the Empire using these extraordinary powers. But soon their glorious days were put to an end by an evil dragon rider named Galbatorix who still ruled the Empire.

Soon after this conversation with Brom, trouble crosses Eragon’s path. The spies of the Empire kills his uncle Garrow. Eragon and Saphira leave their homeland to hunt for his uncle’s killers. Brom accompanies them in their adventurous and dangerous journey.

How does Brom know such a lot about dragons? Had he an adventurous past? Will Eragon too have mystic powers like the dragon riders? What all dangers awaited him in his journey? With more questions than answers Eragon, along with Saphira and Brom, proceeds into lands never seen before and thereby moving closer to his destiny.

For those who liked Harry Potter, Eragon would be a welcome read. If you itch for more Eragon adventures after reading this book, then there is indeed more! ‘Eragon’ is in fact the first book of the Inheritance trilogy. You may grab the second book ‘Eldest’ from your nearest bookstore. The third which has not yet been named is much eagerly awaited.

I saw Eragon the movie which was quite disappointing:-( Well, you can't have the same satisfaction of reading a book by watching an adaptation right?:-)

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Anna said...

I love Eragon and Eldest even though as I read thru them, I keep thinking that Christopher Paolini was inspired by Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

Lord of the Rings (the elven language, the hero loves an elf, even the heroes' names are similar-Aragorn and Eragon)

and Star Wars (the hero's the hidden son of a bad guy, the hero's mentor died)

But, that doesn't stop me from looking forward to the last 2 books of the Inheritance series.

Dorothy Massey said...

I just went to see the film, which I thought was okay. Your blog entry has made me want to read the trilogy. It was an excellent review and I enjoyed it a lot.
Dorothy Massey www.kidsbooks.blogspot.com

Novice Writer said...

Thank you so much for stopping by!:-)