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Another Christmas..

Another year. Another Christmas. I never actually celebrated Christmas (except for sending Christmas cards to all my friends and relatives and enjoying the holidays), so my memories of Christmas are few. Well, I do have these three memories- a silly one, a simply adorable one and a really bad one...

The silly one
When I was small, after watching a number of animated movies on Christmas day, I finally came to believe in Santa Claus. The picture of Santa Claus climbing down the chimney and placing gifts under the Christmas tree somehow became believable to me (eventhough we did not have a Christmas tree or a chimney). So when I woke up the next day I searched the whole house for my gift! Well, of course there were no gifts waiting for me! Now it feels so funny thinking about it:-))

The adorable one
The last Christmas my husband and I were in Switzerland. It was part of a European trip and we thoroughly enjoyed it. That was the first time I ever saw snow! I will never forget that..

Isn't it beautiful??

The bad one
Christmas 2004- I was with my parents and my cousins had come to our house and we had a nice time. The next day all of us set off to Kanyakumari (the southernmost part of India) in two cars. On the way we met with an accident. Thankfully it was nothing serious but the car had to be repaired. We had to wait for hours before we could continue with the journey. Soon we stopped at a restaurant to have our lunch. It was then that my father received a phone call warning that there had been an earthquake in Indonesia and that it was not safe to proceed further! But we could not imagine what danger could be caused in Kanyakumari because of an earthquake in Indonesia. We moved on. But we soon found out that there was something terribly wrong. There were groups of people gathered here and there. Shops were closed. There were huge traffic jams. Finally we returned home. It was only after reaching home that we undestood the enormity of the situation. A tsunami had been triggered by the 9.1 magnitude earthquake which affected several countries- Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Somalia and many more.. The place that we had planned to visit, Kanyakumari, was among the worst affected places...

I could not sleep for days. It was very disturbing..
Have any Christmas stories? Tell me..


benhurjun said…
Yeah 2004 was a terrible Christmas season because of the disasters. I've seen snow for the first time in October 2007 in Wyoming, U.S.A. I rolled all over it. Can you imagine? And I scraped frost on the car's windshield. I hope you have gifts now under your Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!
chica said…
I like to see snow through the window, cuddled up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands :).
Maria Theresa said…

If you believe in angels, I believe that your car trouble was your angel's way of saving you from that huge disaster.

I think I'm like you.. I do not have Christmas stories to tell. Oh, I have one, but it's too long. I wrote about it in my blog. Maybe you could check it out. I like your writing by the way.
I liked your first christmas experience, where you searched the house for gifts from santa...that is so-so like you...qq! ;)

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