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Anne Frank and her diary

Such an innocent and happy looking girl.. Can you imagine that she became a victim of the worst and horrific holocaust that happened in the world? Read on..

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 at Frankfurt am Main, Germany to Otto Frank and Edith Frank-Holländer. She was their second child, the elder being Margot who was three years old at that time.

As you all know it was the time of Adolf Hitler's rise. He had formed the National Socialist German Workers Party. Hitler was a passionate racist. He believed that the Jews were an "infection" to the otherwise "pure"Aryan race. His aim was to exterminate them. With the death of the President in 1934, Hitler became the President of Germany and the real troubles of the Jews began.

Several rules were imposed which affected the freedom of the Jews. They were dismissed from public office. Even private employment was denied to them. Thousands became jobless and lost all source of income. They were made to wear a six-pointed yellow star at all times so as to distinguish them from others. Jewish children were not allowed to go to schools with the Aryans. Any sort of entertainment, visit to public places or even riding bicycles was denied to them. Concentration camps were set up, where the only escape was death.

Due to the increasing threat against the Jews, Anne's family moved to Amsterdam, where Otto Frank set up the Opekta company. In 1942, on her thirteenth birthday, Anne was presented with a diary. It became her beloved "Kitty". She started writing all her experiences in it from then on.

Holland was being occupied by Germany at that time. Margot got a call-up notice, which meant that she should go to a work camp in Germany. The four of them fled from their house with the help of some loyal friends. Their hiding place was Otto Frank's office. The entry to the "Secret Annex", as Anne called it, was concealed by a bookcase which opened outward. Soon another family, the Van Daans, joined them. In her diary, Anne describes in detail all the difficulties that they had to face during those times. A doctor also joined them making them eight.

For two long years they lived in the secret annex. Provisions and other supplies were brought to them by friends who took immense risks to do so. Meanwhile lots of their Jewish friends were taken to German camps and were subjected to terrible circumstances.

In 1944, some unknown people betrayed them to the Gestapo, the much dreaded secret police of Hitler. They were caught and sent to the concentration camp at Auschwitz in Poland. There, Otto Frank was separated from his family and it was the last that they saw of each other. Anne Frank, Margot and their mother, were later sent to Bergen Belsen camp, one of the worst concentration camps in history. Edith and Margot soon died of starvation and disease. Anne Frank finally succumbed to her fate. She was not even 16 then.

Otto Frank was the only person out of the eight in the annex who survived the holocaust. His friends had managed to keep Anne's diary securely. Her accounts were so touching that everyone who read it persuaded him to publish it. It got worldwide acclaim because of its honest and straightforward commentary. The secret annex was made into a museum in her memory. Thousands of people visit this museum every year even now. Even though she died in such a young age, she continues to live through her memoirs.

Anne Frank's diary is a touching memoir of a teenage girl whose dreams and expectations were cut short by the holocaust. It stands as a monument to the six million Jews who were killed in the holocaust with the least dignity imaginable.
Read it..It will surely touch your heart. The sad thing is that it is not fiction..


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