Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Movie Review: Stardust

After seeing such a disastrous movie as 'The Dark is Rising' my husband and I were quite sceptical about 'Stardust'. Hoping that it would be atleast worth our money and time we risked it. Well, the movie turned out to be ok. It has fantasy, romance, action and thrills. The hero is Tristan Thorne (Charlie Cox) who sets out in search of a star which has fallen from the sky. He aims to present it to his lady love so as to impress her and win her love. The journey takes him beyond the mystical wall which is actually the boundary separating his village from the magical land of Stormhold. There he finds the star; but it is not a piece of rock as he had expected, instead a beautiful woman (Claire Danes)What follows is an adventure where he finds himself in a position protecting the Star from a very powerful witch(Michelle Pfeiffer) and also the princes of the country. The movie as a whole was entertaining and the story was good (it is based on a novel by Neil Gaiman)


Shibu said...

This is a very good movie. I liked it.

mewsli said...

I havent seen the movie, but will do now. Ironically Ive just been given the book . Have fun .