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Harry Potter sequels OK!

I just read that JK Rowling has given permission for writing sequels to the Harry Potter series, provided no monetary gain is involved! So there would be no legal action against Mr. George Lippert who wrote a sequel with the intention of posting in his website As per the website the story would be out on December 1st. Each day a new chapter will be revealed. There are passwords for accessing it too. Hopefully it is as good as the original books!
Read the full story here:
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The Agatha Christie craze

Have you read any novels by the great English mystery writer Agatha Christie?? I have and I absolutely adore them! I will tell you how it all started..

One bright morning ( atleast 10 years back) my father and I set out for a book exhibition. It was a sort of ritual- if there was an exhibition in town we were sure to visit it. However I was not a total bookworm; I just loved browsing around bookshops and buying Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. So, there I was fooling around with my usual selection of books when we met a Professor who was my father's friend. Seeing the books in my hand, he suggested that it was time to try some novels by Agatha Christie. The name did not ring a bell, but anyway I decided to give it a try and randomly selected 'Hickory Dickory Dock'.

I read the book and was hooked. It was not her best novel, but it was one of the best books I had read! Lots of characters, lots of side plots and no way of guessing the killer! I have no idea how she came up with such…

Movie Review: Stardust

After seeing such a disastrous movie as 'The Dark is Rising' my husband and I were quite sceptical about 'Stardust'. Hoping that it would be atleast worth our money and time we risked it. Well, the movie turned out to be ok. It has fantasy, romance, action and thrills. The hero is Tristan Thorne (Charlie Cox) who sets out in search of a star which has fallen from the sky. He aims to present it to his lady love so as to impress her and win her love. The journey takes him beyond the mystical wall which is actually the boundary separating his village from the magical land of Stormhold. There he finds the star; but it is not a piece of rock as he had expected, instead a beautiful woman (Claire Danes)What follows is an adventure where he finds himself in a position protecting the Star from a very powerful witch(Michelle Pfeiffer) and also the princes of the country. The movie as a whole was entertaining and the story was good (it is based on a novel by Neil Gaiman)