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Moon goes super

Tonight was a big night what with the list of things happening to the moon. Blue moon, blood moon, super moon. Also it was the big night when people looked up from their smartphone to the skies just for a moment and took selfies with the 'superstar' of the night.

I was curious to know more about the event. So I opened the newspaper, which was an event in itself, and read about it. It seems the last time that these three events took place together was in 1866 March 31st.
And by the time it happens again, we will be in the netherworlds. The other facts I noted were these:

Blood moon- The moon takes on an orange tint due to earth's shadow during lunar eclipse.
Blue moon- The second full moon day in a month.
Super moon- The moon is closest to the earth.

At 6.30 we were gazing upwards with not a very clear idea of what was going to happen. But the moon did not appear. It seemed the moon was taking a long time to show its face. I thought lazily that there might be a hartal the …
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I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie!

I have been waiting anxiously to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for a long time and was practically counting days for its release. And then that weekend my husband and I set out to the theatre...and found that some other movie was running there! Imagine my disappointment! The stupid newspaper had confused the names of the movies!! And it was too late to go to the other theatre..
Anyway we saw the movie the next weekend... But unfortunately, I found the movie a huge let down :-(
Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
First of all, several main points in the Harry Potter book were left out- like the crucial memories that Dumbledore shows Harry. Voldemort’s past, his parents, his relation to Salazar Slytherin, could all have been added. Of course, knowing a lot more about Lord Voldemort would have been very interesting...
In the book, Dumbledore talks to the Dursleys and gives them good for not treating Harry well. The scene was really funny and would have been nice to have been incorpora…

A Train of Thoughts

It was yet another day. The same job, the same people, the same to and fro travels, the same household chores...And it was during my cooking frenzy that my mind zoomed out...
‘Onam is nearly here. The last year was really good. Hope this year would be good too...What all should I cook for the Onam feast? OK, we will be going to our native place, so I will not have to cook! [:-D]
Oooh payasam [a dessert made with milk and ghee available in different mouthwatering varieties, a must after an Onam feast or Onasadya]... so tasty...especially Adapradhaman [the king of payasams I should say, made with jaggery, milk, ghee, coconut milk etc.] Hmm...
Grandmother used to make such tasty Adapradhaman..yummy...with rightly prepared ‘Ada’[the main component], the right amount of sweetness, the right ingredients, the right consistency..And the end result would always be...just right...
Sad that I could not ask her how it is prepared now...and she will not be able to stop me before I screw up... she will…

Book Review: Remember Me? By Sophie Kinsella

I was looking for a light read and 'Remember me?' caught my attention immediately. Maybe it was the author's name (I have not read Sophie Kinsella's famous "Shopaholic" series but have heard a lot about them) or the pleasant yellow book cover. Anyway I read the summary on the back cover..and found it interesting. So I bought it (at Rs.214/- after reduction). Soon I started reading it and found myself reaching 'The End' page at top speed! In short, this novel was good (I wouldn't have bothered to write a review if it was bad in the first place).

I found the book to be a really easy read with lots of humour, a bit of sadness, a little about friendship and relationships and a lot about how one copes with a circumstance. And of course there is the romance part. It had a gripping story line with not even a single boring page.

Entirely narrated in the first person, the story is about an average-looking girl called Lexi Smart. She has an unimpressive job a…

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

First of all let me wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope this year is filled with happiness, peace and prosperity... Guess what? I got a job as Copywriter in a reputed company here. So now I am a busy bee as well:-)

OK, Enough blabbering! I have run out of excuses and here is a review for you!
Book: Twilight
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Fiction, Romance, A tiny bit of horror

I am sure everybody has heard about Twilight by now. It is first and foremost a love story. Only then does it touch on the tiny bit of horror. So, the story line.. A teenage girl and boy falls in love. But how can things go smoothly if the boy turns out to be a vampire?!

The heroine of the story, Bella Swan is thoroughly confused about this unimaginable complication but nevertheless could not imagine a life without this complication. Edward Cullen is equally attracted (to her as well as her blood!) and worried because loving Bella might result in him accidentally killing her!! Obviously love isn’t just fun and ga…

This past month...

This past month my husband and I had been busy. Setting up a new home at an entirely new place is rather tiring. Anyway we have settled down now and are getting to know this city. What I missed was blogging since we did not have any internet connection till recently! And yes, we celebrated Onam (the most-widely celebrated festival of Kerala). Check out these pictures…

Legend has it that the great king Mahabali visits Kerala every year on this particular day. (Er..I did not make this grand feast- all the credit goes to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law!)
The traditional flower carpet "Pookkalam" which is set in front of every house is also an important part of the celebration. (A little short on flowers there, but we managed:-D. It was fun all the same.)

Malayalam Movie Review: Veruthe oru bharya

An overworked and stressed out wife(starring Gopika), an impossible and self-centred husband(Jayaram) and their teenage daughter form the pillars for the story 'Veruthe Oru Bharya'( roughly translates to 'Just a wife'). The first half of the movie concentrates on the woes and pangs of a Malayali housewife with never ending chores -cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes, taking care of the cow and dog and hundred other things. There are not many modern appliances to help her and so almost everything has to be done traditional style. In addition, her husband is so idiotic that he treats her similar to a servant with the added advantage of not paying any wages. He does not understand the amount of work that goes into managing a house. Finally she is pushed to the limit and starts a 'strike'. Up to this point the movie seemed to be fine, but then the focus turns to the teenage daughter. I suppose they could have made another movie out of the part that followed. In my …